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Welcome to the official website of ATLANTIS translation bureau!

ATLANTIS translation bureau is an official partner of OJSC JSCB Bashcomsnabbank.

ATLANTIS is a company that renders services in translation of technical documents, written translation with notarial certification and interpreting. Among our regular customers there are sole traders, small and medium businesses as well as large companies of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the cities of Volga Federal District. We translate in more than 25 languages of the world. We offer a widest range of services in the sphere of translations from foreign languages to our customers.

Professional translators of the city of Ufa – ATLANTIS Company is a company rendering services in written translations and interpretation from European, Eastern and CIS languages. We have been in the market of linguistic services in Ufa since 2007. At present our staff of translators have an extensive experience of translations on most diverse subjects (law, economics, medicine, engineering, and equipment). More than 150,000 pages of documents have been prepared during the work. Execution and translation of documents are carried out in strict conformity with the provisions of Resolutions by the Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Resolutions of the 1961 Hague Convention, Recommendation of the Bank of Russia on translation of names into foreign languages in SWIFT messages (No.61-T dated 20 April 2005), with account of requirements and specifics of foreign institutions. Besides, some translators are certified specialists in a number of consular offices and trade missions of various countries.

Technical translation of documents is carried out by qualified translators who have a second specialized degree or an additional specialization in various scientific, technological and industrial fields. Our strict quality control and translators' complete professionalism guarantee high-quality translations. You get quality and accurate translation of texts with any degree of difficulty. To add to this, our large projects (up to 8,000 pages) of technical translation from and into English speak for themselves.

The service of express notarial translation of documents is designed for Russian citizens intending to go abroad for long periods (permanent habitancy, study, work abroad, etc) or for non-residents who have come to Russia. High quality of the rendered services, free consultations with experts on the matters of legalizing documents and Apostille will save you money and time.

Legal entities do often need to have their legal documents, for example, Articles of Incorporation, incorporation and financial documents, Powers of Attorney, Agreements, etc, translated and certified by a notary public. Up to date our translators have done a great number of translations of incorporation and association documents to be submitted to overseas banks. All the translations are executed in strict conformity with international regulations with notarial certification.

We offer an exclusive service of Chinese translation to companies planning to develop their business with Chinese partners.

As attendant services to translation from or into a foreign language we can offer you computer typesetting, scanning, make-up, correction, editing, and digitization of any materials.

We do also render services of oral interpretation and escort of overseas delegations with professional interpreters. If you have decided to order services of an interpreter with us, please get ready to provide us with the full information about the upcoming event: topic of the presentation, composition and short description of the event members (both audience and speakers), form of the event, periods of stay, schedule of the event, etc. Preliminary work should be started in advance not only for the interpreter to get prepared but also for an opportunity of at least a technical rehearsal.

In conclusion we'd like to underline that no website, even a very creative one, can give you a complete image of a company. Live communication is always better than a phone call. If you come to us, you'll be satisfied with the service, find a reliable partner and solve translation problems which you faced with guaranteed high quality.

We hope that all our customers will be content with our work and will come to us all over again.

Надеемся, что все клиенты будут довольны нашими работами и будут обращаться к нам снова и снова.

Welcome to ATLANTIS translation bureau! We are at your service!

Written translation of technical documents

In order to have a successful business, establish trade and partner relations with overseas partners from the neighbouring countries, a need of correct technical translation. In connection with growing international export/import relations, the notion “technical translation” has become often used in everyone's life.

Firs of all, we speak of the texts related to engineering and construction themes, namely: operation manuals, certificates, specifications, product descriptions, technical documents of large facilities, SNIP (construction regulations and rules), GOST (Russian standard), other regulations, construction, estimate, project documents.

Technical translation of texts requires from the translator to have great attention, extreme accuracy, and detailed understanding of the specifics of the equipment in question or the principles of its operation. In translation of technical terms, product catalogues, properties, a problem of absence of terms equivalent to foreign terms often arises. A specialist who carries out translation of technical texts should express this property or notion as accurately as they can. ATLANTIS translators who carry out such translations have all the skills and corresponding knowledge required to carry out professional and high-quality translation of any technical text.

Written translation of medical documents

ATLANTIS specialists offer quality translation of medical texts as well as express translation of medical documents. Accuracy is vitally important in medicine that is why translating of medical texts from/in English and German belongs to highly specialized translating and requires a corresponding qualification.

Oral interpretation. Escort of delegations by a professional interpreter.

A professional interpreter is an interpreter possessing the required techniques and skills of professional interpreting and doing it on a regular basis. Automatic action is characteristic to a highly qualified translator/interpreter both in oral interpreting and written translating. Besides, constant and full quality control over the produced text is a specific feature.