ATLANTIS translation bureau

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Address: UFA
93 Tsuriupi St. (вход в «Спутник Юлдаш»)






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About us

ATLANTIS Translation Bureau is an official partner of OJSC JSCB “Bashcomsnabbank”.

A group of translators, who are the originators of our company, began dealing in professional translations in 2002. It is then when the first customers appeared who needed regular and professional assistance in translation of technical documents in/from English. 

The package of our services has increased with time, and the number of working languages reached 25.


  • Translation of special technical texts of any difficulty level, translation of legal, financial documents.
  • Express notarized translation of documents and preparation of documents for Apostille.
  • Escort of delegations and individuals with attending interpretation and written translations. Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in the course of business negotiations, presentations, conferences, etc
  • Three-way calling phone conversations
  • Dubbing and translation of audio and video materials, presentations from and into foreign languages, voice-over.
  • Localisation of websites and software.


  • Composition of resumes (CVs), reference letters, business cards, etc into foreign languages.
  • Assistance to companies in their search of personnel for positions connected with foreign languages.
  • Testing of corporate staff to learn their level of a foreign language for companies when recruiting.
  • Consultations to improve language qualifications of corporate staff with account of certain needs.
  • Consultations in the sphere of foreign languages teaching for CEOs and Head Officers, development of language skills with a native speaker. Russian as a foreign language.

Computer typesetting, scanning, make-up, correction, editing, digitization of any materials.

Professionalism and high quality of our services are what we strive for. We do our favourite business, and any successfully completed project or order bring us great satisfaction. However, it is not enough to achieve the best results. That is why we are customer-oriented and ready to listen to you at any time.

Please send all wishes and suggestions connected with the work of our Bureau to our CEO directly to . No message will be left unnoticed. Thank you!