ATLANTIS translation bureau

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Address: UFA
93 Tsuriupi St. (вход в «Спутник Юлдаш»)






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Translations from and into Italian

We are glad to help you solve your problems with translation from and into Italian. Translation of specialized text is one the most complicated and labor-intensive types of translator's work which demands exact and accurate transmission of meaning. Professional translation of technical, legal, financial and other business documents from Italian into Russian and from Russian into Italian is one of the main services of our bureau.

Among our regular customers there are large industial enterprises, banks, legal, insurance, motor car and tourist companies, printing houses, public authorities, budget and social organizations, small and medium businesses.

    Our advantages are:
  • First-class qualified translators with long experience of technical translation and international communication. As a rule they have a second education in a certain field of science, technology and industry.
  • You shall get your documents translated and (if you need) certified by a notary public in the shortest terms possible.
  • Complete confidentiality of your information.
  • Convenient access ways, parking
  • Competitive prices.

We guarantee complete confidentiality of information to our customers.

If your legal, financial and other business documents are translated professionally and executed with competence, your company shall have prestige and respect!

You can order Italian translation via our site.

We will be glad to see you at the following address:
the city of Ufa, 82 Tsuriupi St , Business Centre, level 1. ATLANTIS translation bureau. Telephone: (347) 290-51-05, 8-917-4299833.