ATLANTIS translation bureau

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Address: UFA
93 Tsuriupi St. (вход в «Спутник Юлдаш»)






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Written translation of technical documents

The main difference of technical text from common one is that it is rich in terminology and abbreviations, has a specific style and a number of various schemes, drawings and figures. Translation of scientific and technical texts is one of the most complicated types of written translation. A translator starting to work on it must have (apart from appropriate education) necessary specialization in a certain sphere.

We offer high-quality services of technical translation and want to become your reliable partner, to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations with you, which is impossible without providing translations that are correct and accurate in terminology. Our technical text translators are experts who are ready to provide translation speed of up to 30 pages a day (i.e. raising standard translation speed 4-5 times) with minimum extra charge for urgency (see Prices). The standard translation speed is from 6 to 10 standard pages a day or approximately 40-50 pages a week. If need arises, several translators can join your project. In this case an editor will take care of unity of terminology and style of your materials. That is why prices for emergency order translations are 30-60% larger depending on their complexity and deadlines.

Among our regular customers there are many large businesses and institutions of the republic whose names we will not disclose to the public. However we are ready to provide our customers, if they wish, with a list of projects executed by us in a number of fields.

We carry out technical translations particularized on petroleum and natural gas, mining, construction, aviation industry, all types of equipment, telecommunications, software, information technologies, motor industry, biological technologies, chemistry, physics, medical equipment, etc.


Original materials:

We receive paper (copies) or electronic documents for translation. The general requirement is their workability (legible text and appropriate quality of figures, if you need makeup).

  • MS Office DOC, XLS, PPT);
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF);
  • Autocad, Corel Draw (DXF, DWG, DGN, CDR, CMX);
  • Adobe PageMaker, InDesign, Illustrator (pm65, INDD, AI);

Finished translations:

The customer receives in a mandatory manner the following:

  • MS Word (doc) translation text, one-to-one, divided into pages in accordance with the original document;
  • translation of legends to figures;
  • translator's remarks;

Translation layout:

    At the customer's request layout setting is performed in a corresponding application. Preparation is performed as well as graphics import, recreation of styles and elements of the document layout.

    Customer gets:

  • a prepared MS Word (doc) file;
  • layout files in the layout application formats, files of figures;
  • final print version of the document layout in one copy.